Customer Service – Something You Should Do

In my opinion, I believe everyone should work in some kind of customer service/service job at least once in their life.

I have seen so many people just be flat-out RUDE to people who are paid a rather low wage to serve them and help them. I have also had my fair share of people who I would send to Africa just to get them out of my store!

Being in a customer service job as my first two jobs, both retail, has honestly changed me. I have a huge amount of respect now for anyone who waits on me – be it in a restaurant or a minimum wage retail worker.

A lot of times these people aren’t responsible for the mistakes made to you, like your food being wrong or a product ringing up wrong in the store – yet because they are the ones that the customer is interacting with, it is them that the customer gets angry at (especially when we can’t change the price!)

Having a job like this makes people respect others so much more – which we are heavily lacking in this world. Once you see how rude people can be, and how bad it can make you feel, you will never want to be rude to someone again!

I won’t dwell on this (even though I SO BADLY want to rant and rant about how I have had absolutely disgustingly rude and disrespectful people), but if you want to see more jobs people should have at some point in their life, go check out this link:

I agree with all of them (though I doubt I will ever have a physical labor job because no) – You gain a whole new respect for people, which this world desperately needs.


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