Harley has always listened to the Elders. Never once has she questioned their wisdom or instructions; and when you’re on a half-explored island in a post-nuclear world, you don’t have much of a choice. They told her that the world is decimated and their people, the Kashatke, are the only survivors. Her entire life she believed them; but when a strangely dressed boy washes ashore, her world begins to unravel. Not much older than Harley, James speaks of a distorted world, very much alive. Days later, strange ships with strange captains come looking for James, and in her time of need, the people Harley look to the most have vanished. Her people in danger, Harley and James go deep into the center of the island in search of the deceptive Elders, and of an ancient people that may have the power to bring order back to the island, and to the world.


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