One Week

So it has been about a week since Christmas (which was awesome, loved seeing all of my family) and everything feels weird.

First off, it is a New Year (whoopee) and with that comes the big responsibility of writing 2015 instead of 2014. I’ll get it down by May. And then there are the resolutions. “New Year New Me”. Nah. The calendar may have ticked over, but people don’t change like that.

In one week I will be out of retail (*real whoopee!*). I technically could still work the hours I had, but there is no way I am getting up at 6 in the morning, driving through rush hour for half an hour, being at college until 4, rushing home in rush hour to be at work by 5:15 then working until 10:30, getting home, doing virtually no homework, showering, getting to bed and sleeping no more than 7 hours and doing it all over again. No thank you. I’ll get a job on campus where I can expand more.

3 days after I leave my job, school starts (Thank God) and I finally start learning things that I want to learn and things that I will use in my life! Also, I will be able to get my financial aid money and I won’t be horribly pressed to find a new job (which I will be able to start looking for once college resumes).

I don’t like this midway point, but it is a good time to plan.


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