Apologies And New Beginnings

So I have to start by saying sorry for my break – I was rather busy getting my last few things together for school (like realizing I didn’t order my french book. Oops.)


I have no idea what I am going to do now, but it will not be retail (or it will be retail where I can have my hair however the hell I want it). I was thinking about working online somehow?

I am so excited that classes are starting again. I am in all classes that I WANT to be in. I trusted my instincts, closed my eyes, and leaped (Thank you Elphaba) into the major that I have always wanted to do. I am currently studying Humanities (With a focus on I don’t know what yet(:). My first class was World Literatures, and I already love this semester (I don’t even care that it is at 8:50 in the morning! I get to listen to DeLuca and Kathy on Mix 94.1 on my way to campus :D)

So enough about my update, I have something for you readers to think about (Share your answers!):

If you had the opportunity to do exactly what you wanted to do, or to walk down the path you wanted to walk, would you take it?

I have the opportunity, and am currently seizing it. (I spent a good 5 minutes there trying to find a way to use carpe without saying carpeing. No luck.)


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