9 Ways To Get Motivated – A Simple How-To Guide

As promised, here is a guide to getting motivated. Read. Enjoy. Share.

9 Ways – A Simple How-To Guide To Get Moving

1. Don’t Fight Your Emotions. Fighting what you feel with make them stronger. If it feels like a slow point and like you just want to take an hour to chill, then chill. You can, however, convince yourself little by little that something else could be better. By doing this, you can stop fighting your emotions, and get your emotions to fight for you. 

2. Get Inspired. Get Excited. If you never want to do what you have to, you will have a real hard time actually doing it. Hell, I really want to write my book, and I STILL have a hard time doing it. I can’t imagine not even wanting to do it. So find something about whatever it is you have to do that get’s your heart going and makes you itching to move. Focus on that part and use it to push you into the motion you need to be in.

3. Make A Goal. This one is obvious – how can you reach for something if you never set something to reach for. Be specific and get to the point. A simple, concise goal will be easier to reach. Think about your goal every day and share it with others. Rally support around you and they will help push you in your slow times.

4. Start Small And Build On It. Make a small goal, reach it, and then make a new one. It will feel like you are making massive progress and will push you to keep going. I do this when I have to do the dishes. Gather the dishes. Done. Organize and rinse the dishes. Done. Wash the dishes. Done. Dry and put them away. Done. So much more rewarding that just Do the dishes. Use your small victories to build up to your big goals. The Great Pyramids were built piece by piece, do the same with your goal.

5. Productivity Isn’t Constant. Motivation ebbs and flows and will not always be with you. However, just because it is ebbing, doesn’t mean you give up. Brace yourself and put yourself in a position to be shot forward once it comes surging back. Like an arrow being pulled back, always aim for your target.

6. Stuck In A Rut? Use Your Support. You rallied people around you and you gathered support from friends and family for this purpose. Ask for different ideas or different views on your situation. Maybe others can see a way out of the hole you are in and if you never ask for help, you may be stuck for a long time.

7. When You Make A Step Forward, Acknowledge It. This one is simple. When you are making progress, reward yourself. When you make note of how far you have come and what you have done, it will help keep motivation up and push you just a little bit further.

8. Tell Your Support You Appreciate Them. This one is weird. How can telling people you appreciate them motivate you? Well it works like this: You sharing a positive thing about another person makes you feel like a good person. When you feel like a good person, you get more energy to get up and do what you need to do. Take a moment and say ‘Thank You’. Not only will you feel better, but your support group will also be more inclined to get you up and moving again.

And finally, my favorite one

9. Do The Good Stuff. Listen to your favorite music. Make a cup of coffee or tea. Have a delicious (but healthy) snack. Move around and dance or play with your animals. Go on a walk around the block (or around the house). Do whatever feels awesome and will get you moving and get your excited about doing something. Take that energy and shove it right towards your goal.

The last thing I can tell you is to just do it. Sometimes just pushing through and forcing yourself to sit down (or stand up) and just doing what you have to do can be enough to get you into the groove of it and bring back the motivation you need.

I have personally done all of this, and more, in an attempt to get motivated, and these few are the ones that have always been able to get me closer to what I need to be doing. Sometimes no matter what you do, motivation is just unobtainable, and that is okay. Just so long as you don’t get stuck in a rut that you never get out of, it is okay to take a break and relax. Maybe you just need some rest and after that you will be right back on the horse galloping toward your dreams.

I hope this helps some people! If you have any other ideas or things you personally do to get yourself motivated, share them below! Spread this knowledge to your friends and family – I know I’d love to see something like this from my friends!

I suppose I ought to write some more of my book now, so, until next time my greatly appreciated readers!


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