A Beacon

I hope that my writing this short, which I plan to title “Facebook Is Like…”, will act as a beacon to people. Hopefully I can reach others and change people who will in turn change the lives of others. Here is another excerpt from a later part of the writing:

At one moment, while you happen to be carrying an armful of a mix important things and unimportant things, you slip. Trying to brace yourself for the fall, you fling your arms and everything goes flying. Nothing gets too far away, however, as you land on most of it. With throbbing knees and a pain in your chest and embarrassment coursing through you as sure as your blood, you scramble to push through your short breath and pick up your things. Even though you are surrounded by people, not a single person blinks their eye. No one turns their head. Not a single person asks if you are okay. They only kindness they give you is that they move around you so only some of your things get trampled. You get your things, brush off your knees and start walking again while trying to shake the feeling of absolute mortification that is threatening to start burning down your face.

Nobody finds that comfortable. Nobody finds that fun. Nobody can just laugh it off without any shadow of sadness in them because nobody helped them. Nobody realizes how awesome it feels to be shown kindness until they need it and don’t get it. Why has our society transformed into this hideous beast that is run by a conglomerate of people who hide behind their screens and are so inept at interacting with others that they cannot even stop a moment or sacrifice ourselves a little bit to help our fellow human beings.”


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