3 Tips For Analysis Paralysis

In my process of searching for what I want to do in my life, I frequently become paralyzed from thinking too much. Analysis Paralysis. I know I am not the only person who experiences this, so I decided to share the tools that I use to get past this horrid paralysis.

3 Ways To Get Out Of Analysis Paralysis

1. Write It Out – Put into words what you want. Then create a (real novel idea here) Pros and Cons list. Or a Likes and Dislikes list. Or any kind of list that compares the different things about what you are looking at. For me, when I look at each career, I think about the things I would like to do and the things I would really not like to do with each career. Eventually, I have ended up with a strong list of what I actually want. This helps a lot, especially when I get caught in a well of questioning myself again.

2. Talk To Someone – Just like writing it out, talking to someone gets things out of your head. Sometimes hearing things out loud is enough to make connections you didn’t think about before. This particularly helps me when I have idealized something in my head, and hearing the opinions of my friends and family really brings a new light to things.

3. Just Take A Break – When I find myself getting lost in thoughts that are going nowhere and I can’t get anywhere, I try to take a step back. I usually take at least an hour or so, but sometimes I take whole days, to just stop thinking about the subject. Sometimes that is really hard, but if you can give your mind some space to breathe, you will find that it often begins to free itself up.

Now, I realize that these ways will not work for everyone, but these 3 ways really do help me. If you have any ways to help you get your mind working again share them in the comments!

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