Hope For The Desolate – Pilot

Update: Hope For The Desolate is now available for Kindle or your free Kindle App! Go grab a copy right now!

“I don’t know how I got here. This place, though apparently devoid of any intelligent life besides myself, thrives with life. It feels strange, distorted. Birds sing and the wind whistles in the trees, but to my heart, the world is lackluster, spiritless. I know I have been here for a while, but I don’t know how I got here.

I live a simple life in this strange world. I hunt in the waters, in the woods. I know how to cook my food, though I can’t remember ever learning to do so. Though I murder their kin for nourishment, the animals around me seem not to fear me, as if they know each death was necessary. There are times that we hunt for each other. I leave what I do not eat for the animals to take back, and I will in turn find an easy meal, half eaten in a clearing. The fish do not take kindly to me and quickly swim away. I suspect in some ways the fish are smarter than the forest animals, if only in instinct.

Deep inside me is an urge to keep moving. I do not know in which direction to go, but it feels right when the sun rises on my left, so that is the direction I travel. I do not know if I am moving away from something or if something pulls me, but I know I cannot resist it, as it is distressing to do so.
Sometimes, when the stars are out and I lie down on a mossy bed to rest, images go through my mind. Sometimes they are frightening things, things that wake me and cut my rest short. Other times, my visions are of a better place, a place with others like me and they leave me wanting to rest longer. Some nights, it is as if I blink and the sun is rising again.

Though I can discern no apparent purpose to my life, I nevertheless move onward. I may reach the end of my journey to discover that my people die with me, but I have hope in my heart that this is not the case. I believe that there is something that I am to know, but I do not know when I will find it. Though my journey is not an easy one, and I do things that I wish not to, I move down my path, if not for new sights and new stones to step on, then or the hope that my life has a purpose beyond what I understand.”


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