Head or Heart?

Today, it is common to have people ask something along the lines of “Head or Heart?” Do you follow your head, meaning you think things through and you are logical and systematic about things? Or do you follow your heart, driven by passion and a love of living and experiencing, always pushing to do what you desire? I’m sure if you ask, most people would agree that a person will usually lean to one end or the other.

Another common thing is personality tests. Using a short quiz or a long test, or even using numbers in your life or your birth day, you can supposedly learn everything there is to know about you. Myers-Briggs is a popular test where people are grouped into 16 different types based on a preference of four dual spectrums. It is believed that your will behave, think, and feel according to a stereotype. That is what it boils down to.

But do you really believe that?

Human beings are in control of the world because of our ability to adapt to our environment, or change it to our needs. We have the power of higher thought, meaning we can sit and think about things like “head or heart.” We did not get to the position of power we hold over the world today by being simple creatures that can be easily defined and categorized. The idea that everyone fits a pattern, or that you really are unique, but your uniqueness fits neatly with another person’s, is absurd. Yes, there are common threads that tie us together; values and ideas, preferences and behaviors, and so much more that all can be similar to another person – that is how we connect to others. However, a pattern only exists because we placed it there.

Yes, you can define yourself. You can pin down things about you that always stay constant, such as your ideals and beliefs, but never squeeze yourself into a box that doesn’t give you room to change. The greatest thing about humans is our ability to look within and change things that we just don’t like. We can work to be better, or to better understand ourselves. Sure, your horoscope personality might fit you awfully close, or your MBTI type might exactly pin down how you approach the world, but if you always label yourself, you will have no room to grow. And that is a tragedy.

Labels get outdated. The world around us changes constantly. Don’t let yourself be weighed down so much by what you think you should be that you are never able to fly in the wind or surf the waves. Life is never constant, something is always changing. We are all contradictions. We are this and that. We can think with our head and still be able to follow our heart. So why would you stick yourself in a pre-labeled box that prevents you from being you?

Contradiction is a glorious thing, why would you squash it?


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