Sometimes We Struggle

Every day we face things that attack us. I don’t mean crazed killers or wild animals or something else literally attacking us. I mean crazed ideas or wild expectations attacking¬†us, attacking our hearts and our minds. Attacking our motivation, our creativity. Social constructs assaulting the inner workings of our minds, and great social norms confining our souls into conformity.

Conformity. Feel the flow, follow the flow, be the flow. Go with the herd. Question nothing. Follow normalcy as it leads us to self destruction.
Conform only as much as is required. Do not distance yourself from your fellows so much that you cannot lead them away from desolation. Question everything. Learn about what is around you. Learn about what is within you. Discover yourself, and lead others to do the same.

We fight.¬†We fight not only to be ourselves, but to know ourselves, and to know others. Question yourself. Never stop trying to learn more. Creativity doesn’t always come easy, but eventually, we all can create.

Being yourself can be hard if you don’t know who to be, so find out!

Sometimes it is hard. Sometimes we struggle. But that’s okay.¬†Beautiful things are never easily attained, so it will never be easy to discover ourselves.


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