Helping You, Helping Others

Why do I want to write a blog?

 A small, but persistent part of me hopes that I will make some money off of blogging so that I can quit my day job, or at least be less stressed about it. This isn’t, however, my primary reason for want to blog. 

We all go through difficult and trying situations, and on the other side of them, we often come out with a new awareness of something. We learn lessons from these situations (or we repeat them until we do.) 

In my case, I often come to profound conclusions. I learn things in my daily life, both from my personal experiences and from things I am exposed to, such as other blogs, books, friends, and even radio stations. 

It has long been my belief that it is my duty, my calling, my purpose in life to take these things I learn, and share them. This is why I want to blog. 

What do I want to blog about?

Anything. Whatever I can find and share with you that can improve your life. I want to give you things that will empower you to open your eyes to your situation, and open your mind to different perspectives. I want to provide you with tools, tips, tricks, stories, articles, books, movies, and anything else that you can use to make your life better. 

I want to help you. 

What is my end goal?

Making money would be a nice bonus. But that isn’t my end goal. My biggest, most profound and long standing goal is to change the world. I want to change the lives of so many people, just like Gandhi, or Mandela. 

That is a big dream, and some days, it overwhelms me. However, even if I set out to help billions, and only reach a few thousand, or a few hundred, I will still consider myself a success, for I will have taken my one life, and changed the lives of many. 

How can you help me?

Yes, you! You can help me help others. I do not know billions of people, or even thousands, but each of you know people. If even half of you take what I tell you and give it to others like I have given to you, surely I can reach large amounts of people. A candle flame is not diminished by lighting another candle. 

Let me help you, and in turn, help others. 

All I ask of you is that if you see even one thing you like or that changes you or helps you, pass it on so it can help others too. 


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