On Living In The Moment

What would you say if I told you the future didn’t exist?

You’d probably call me crazy and keep your distance. You’d probably shrug me off and hope I go on my way.

Well it doesn’t exist.

The first things that came to mind when I heard this were things that I knew were coming: the bills, the next time I had to go to work or school. I knew I would be eating sometime in the future, I already had plans to make a ham sandwich. The future had to exist, because I knew part of it.

But none of those things actually existed. Sure, it was really likely that it would happen, but none of it wasn’t happening right then.

The only thing that exists is the present.¬†Right now. Right now, I’m breathing (I hope), you’re breathing (I hope). Your life, and my life, is only happening in one place and one time: right here, right now. This is the present. This is what is real.

Now this doesn’t mean that because the future doesn’t exist, we should stop caring about it. We are rational beings. We will never stop thinking about what comes next. We should be aware of the possibilities, and prepare for them. Such as working to pay the bills, and buying the food for the dinner you plan on having. This is still living in the moment, however. Preparing now for what may happen is a good thing, worrying now about what may happen is a bad thing.

So what does this all mean?

You’re life is happening right now. The future is an elaborate story we tell ourselves. If you spend your life living in that elaborate story, you actual life is slowly being siphoned away into the past. If you go through the motions of life, all the while worried about what comes next, you will miss out on your life.

I want you to do something. For one week, just a week, every time you find yourself worrying about what might happen, stop thinking, and focus on what is happening now. What do you see with your eyes? What’s the tempurature? What can you feel? What do you hear? Is there a smell? Ground yourself in the moment, and experience it. If nothing happens to you, and your life stays the exact same, you can call me out as a fraud.

But I know you will begin to see life through a different lens. And I promise you, it’s better than any other lens you’ve looked through before. Stop thinking, start living.¬†

As always, if you see even one thing you like or that changes you or helps you, pass it on so it can help others too.


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