3 Ways To Really Learn Something

This is one for my fellow students. School is all about learning (well, it’s supposed to be anyways), but so is life. Every day, most of us encounter new things. A lot of it aren’t things we need to commit to memory, but we do encounter such things, particularly in school. After 13+ years of being in school, I’ve found three really effective ways to commit information to memory, and I’d like to share them with you.

1.   “Repetition is the mother of learning.”

I had a History teacher in 8th grade that started every class by saying “Repetition is…”, And we would all reply, “the mother of learning.” He may have been old and rambled some times, but he really knew what he was talking about here. Going over the information you have to learn again and again reinforces the memory, and makes recalling that information easy.

2.  Experience the information through many senses

Building onto repetition, it is also really good to go over the information using more than one of your senses. An example of this would be speaking out loud while you are rewriting your notes. This uses your sight, touch, voice, and hearing. You are reading the material, and reading your new copy of it, feeling yourself write the material (this particularly helps with preparing for essay exams), you are thinking about what you are seeing to speak it, and you are then hearing the information as you say it. That’s a lot! It sounds overwhelming, but doing this will further ingrain the information in your mind.

3.  Teach someone

In my opinion, this is the absolute best way to ensure you truly learn something. To be able to teach the information to someone, and they understand it and grasp the concepts, you must be able to fully comprehend the information you are teaching. Now, this isn’t something you would try to do right as you are being exposed to new material, but rather, after you already have a foundation of the material. Repetition and experiencing the material through different senses would be the first steps in learning new material, while teaching someone that material would be the final step. Once you can adequately teach it, you really understand it, and have truly learned the material .

What would you like to read next? Leave me a comment and tell me!

As always, if you see something that interests you, or helps you, share it with others, so that it can help someone else too!


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