What Is Sacrifice?

Sacrifice means many things.

It means giving something up for the sake of another thing.

It means putting your personal desires aside to help another.

Sometimes it’s choosing to stop some actions,

In lieu of your future.

It’s giving up what you want,

In order to get what you need.

Sacrifice the good,

In hopes of the better.

A true sacrifice must hurt. It must cost you.

Because if you only give what you don’t want,

You will never receive what you hope for.

Strummed Strings – Photo credit: Alec Edens


Have you noticed

People taking the time

To search for answers;

But once they find

What they are looking for –

Answers to themselves

Or to their struggles –

They stop.

They don’t use

What they find.

They remain the same,

As if they never learned.

What is the point

Of searching,

If you don’t change?


How can I choose

A path in life that

I’ve been told many times

Is useless?

How can I choose

A valid career

When the career I choose

May not be valid?

They say “follow your heart”,

But I fear my heart

May lead me to

Poverty and death.

I want to create,

To share my vast mind

With the world.

I want to be known.

I want to be comfortable,

But I want to change the world,

Or at least rock it.

Comfortable change is an oxymoron.

So what do I do?

How can one person

Be such a condradiction,

Such an oxymoron?

Pass It On

So, working in retail, I see

Many different kinds of people

The Mother with kids

Screaming and screaming

The Old Friends

Shopping for each other

I see the Loners

The Angry and the Sad

Those who just want the Holidays to end

But something ties them together

Whether they are in a good mood or bad

They all appreciate a smile

Knowing someone looked at them and just


So pass it on

The smile

Make someone else feel good

Like the grey skies will end

And the good days will continue

Because everyone

Every single person

Appreciates a smile