So Guys…

I’ve tried Dollar Shave Club, and it is pretty cool. They have options, but it isn’t overwhelming, and it is super easy to change what you get shipped. You can get it once a month, or every other if you don’t shave that much (That’d be me haha). They also have other products you can add to your box (that’s your shipment) like shave butter, miracle repair serum, extra cartridges, and more. You can upgrade or downgrade whenever you want and the new handle is free!

Their cheapest razor, a simple two bladed (which is good for me), is $3 (that’s $1 plus a $2 shipping and handling (which is good for my bank account)). Their fanciest is only $9 and is free shipping and handling.

Seriously guys, go check it out (and ladies – their third option (which is middle priced at $6 total) has a 90 degree pivot and 4 blades. You can use it too).

But no really, I even have a fancy link:

Go check it out and share it with all of your friends!